2017 New Year Service

Sunday 11am, Jan/01/2017

2017NewYear2Sunday 11am, Jan/01/2017

Happy New Year!

Come join us to celebrate the New Year with the ‘Beginner’s Mind’ in the path of awakening. Let us make a new beginning with meditation, Dharma words & a renewed sense of commitment for the best of 2017 filled with hope, wisdom and inspiration.

Dharm Talk: Ven. Chung Ohun Lee
Vegetarian lunch (Ddeok Guk: Rice Cake Soup) will be served.
Donations are appreciated.

The Newness of the New Year is not in the day but in our mind. Hence, the true meaning of greeting the New Year lies in exerting ourselves with a fresh new mind in our practice and service. If therefore we take care of our mind, then everyday is a new day and a New Year’s Day. -Master Chungsan