2017 Year-End Giving Campaign

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2017Year End Giving-Community

We ask that you consider making an end-of-year donation to the Won Buddhism Temple. Our beautiful Temple stands as an oasis of peace and tranquility, offering Sunday dharma service, weekday group meditation, and retreats to cultivate awareness, wisdom and compassion for personal and communal transformation.

We are your spiritual home and we are dependent upon the generosity of our members and donors to keep these programs going.

You are a cherished member of our inclusive, safe and welcoming community. Any financial contribution helps us to bring mindfulness and meditation to the community. If you appreciate and support our vision, please make as generous a donation as you can today.

2017-meerI look forward to attending the Sunday service every weekend. By listening to members speaking about their practice and life experience, I get better understanding of life. By attending regularly, I have deepened my friendship with members I now call dharma family. The temple members are a loving, compassionate, understanding an intelligent group. As we continue to practice and learn from meditation and spiritual growth, we provide support and strength to one another in a time of uncertainty and changing environment. I believe, the wonderful community I fortunately discovered, is a valuable gift. 
With Gratitude,
Meer Musa, Won Sang Won

2017susanDoyeon, her long tunic gracefully fallen over crossed legs, begins the service. The singing bowl, vibration deep, perfectly pitched fills the room, fills me. And we begin, many voices, the call for kindness. Help me find my Buddha nature, the understanding and acceptance of impermanence. One hundred eight times my voice follows, leads the tones Na-Mu Ah-Mi-Ta Bul– return to Amita Buddha, the Buddha of infinite light, of life within us all. 
Deeply and throughout myself I carry this. My voice only, no others do I hear. For a tiny moment I feel myself climb up and out to be part of the entire community of voices, feeling for the first time that this is in me. I am in this. Falling back into my voice, in my ears, in every cell, then silence and the vibration of the singing bowl’s resonance.  – Susan Enzer, Won Bul Shim

2017LudyWon Buddhism has changed my life in the deepest way. At first attending the Sunday service and meditation was not taken seriously. I was difficult to focus and prioritize my meditation. When my mom had her stroke over three years ago and i had to take care of her; it was stressful, challenging and overwhelming. I started to attend the Sunday service and meditation more. I saw the changes in my behavior. I become less anxious, patient, listen more and more mindful. I was mindful before when I attended the Dharma services but I noticed the unconscious mindfulness. Sunday service brings me joy and a sense of enlightenment. Enlightenment in learning, giving back, listening and inner peacefulness. I used to punish myself for not practicing meditation everyday but being part of the Won Dharma family I learned to stop judging myself harshly and others. My daily practice has its ups and downs mostly it brings me peace and self-reflection and that’s fine with me. One breath at a time is my mantra. Thank you Won Buddhism. – Ludy Napoleon, Won Ja Eun


Your donations will serve as the candles that we need to continue, to keep the Manhattan Won Buddhist Temple, your spiritual home. There are two ways for you to make donations to our temple: by checks and by PayPal.

  • Donate by check: Make your check payable to Won Buddhist International and mail it to:  431East 57th St. New York, NY 10022
  • Donate by paypal: Click below