2021 Year-End Giving Campaign

Thank you for your ongoing support!

We would like to take this time to thank you all for your dedication, your practice, your friendship, and your support. We hope that sharing Buddha Dharma and meditation practice with us sustains you during this time of great change; and that this practice helps you draw upon the greatest resource, your own true Buddha nature, in meeting the increasing social, political and health challenges that are touching so many of us today.  

Through these tumultuous times, please remember that we are your spiritual home and you are a cherished member of our inclusive, safe, and welcoming community. Because we are a community, intertwined, learning together, growing together, we’d like to ask you to make a year-end donation, if you can, to help sustain our sangha.

It is your participation and generosity as a member that enables us to continue our shared vision and practice.

WBM is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All donations made to WBM are tax-deductible.

Finding Won Buddhism came right on time for me. It was a time of great spiritual and emotional need. I wanted to step into myself in a more intentional and compassionate way, a way I would never have learned without learning from my sangha and reading the scriptures. 
Conveniently-located and headed by an absolutely amazing Reverend, I found a refuge of stillness in the Big Apple. 
The grace of giving money to where one gained great blessings will never be a burden to me and I am sure this is true for you. Consider a monthly donation; A thoughtful donation that lets you think LESS over time about giving back!” -Mekesia (Won Gee Hye)

I’ve felt very lucky to be a part of our sangha for the past several years. It has been wonderful to get to know our reverend Doyeon Gyomunim, to become friends with so many of my sangha mates, to spend time on retreat and in dharma circle discussions, and of course to deepen my practice with the Won family. We have such a special sangha community, and we have so much to offer one another. I hope you’ll join me in making a year-end donation if you can, so that our community can continue to grow and thrive, and offer our shared gifts to more and more people. -Chris (Won Gwang)

There are four ways for you to make donations to our temple.

Donate by check:

write your check payable to “Won Buddhist International, Inc” mail it to
431 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

Donate with Venmo:

Find us @wonbuddhismNYC

Donate via Zelle:

add nyc@wonbuddhism.org as the recipient

Donate with Paypal:

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