Anniversary of Won Buddhism

2016won2Anniversary of Won Buddhism & Sotaesan’s Enlightenment
Sunday 11am, April/28/2019

Join us for the 104th Anniversary of Won Buddhism and the Great Master Sotaesan’s Enlightenment. We follow Sotaesan’s vision of living the teaching of Buddha with simplicity and commitment in this highly modern and materialistic society. As a way to celebrate the anniversary, Won Buddhists throughout the world will involve in many special humanitarian activities as living testimony to the spreading of love and good will that Sotaesan embodied.

On the twenty-eighth of April, The Founding Master, Sotaesan upon the attainment of his great Enlightenment, said,

All beings are of one Reality and all things and principles originate from one source, where the Truth of No Birth and No Death and the Principle of Cause and Effect operate as a perfect organ on an interrelated basis.

As spring energy nourishes new life on earth, Let us renew our commitment with this celebration.
Vegetarian lunch will be served after the service.

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