Deep Dive into Ilwonsang Vow 

Deep Dive into Ilwonsang Vow (Online)

Date: 3 Wednesdays, April 13, 20, & 27th, 2022
Time: 7:30 – 8:40pm (ET)
Registration is now closed.
Suggested donation: $50 for 3 weeks ($40 WB members) Donate HERE
(No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Pay what you are able.)

Deep Dive into Ilwonsang Vow

April is the month of Enlightenment in Won Buddhism. As we celebrate our founding master Sotaesan’s Great Enlightenment, which marked the beginning of the Won Buddhist community, we are happy to invite you to take part in this three-week online course: Deep Dive into Ilwonsang Vow, which will start on Wednesday, April 13th.

Ilwonsang (one circle image) is an expression of Sotaesan’s enlightenment, which also represents the Buddha nature within all of us. In Won Buddhism, we recite the “Ilwonsang Vow’ daily as a way to remind ourselves of the essence of Won Dharma, to renew ourselves, and to cultivate our original mind, which is calm, clear and selfless.

This three-week online course will guide you toward a better understanding of the Ilwonsang vow and help you express the Ilwonsang vow in your daily practice. 

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