Feb-Challenge: Evening Meditation & Journaling

Evening Meditation & Journaling (Online)

Date: Feb. 1 – 28, 2022 (Every Monday to Friday)
From Tuesday, February 1, through Monday, February 28
Time: 9 – 9:30 pm (ET)
Join us via Zoom
Fee by donation (RSVP is appreciated: Please fill out the form below)
Please keep your microphone muted during the practice.

Feb-Challenge: Evening Meditation & Journaling

Let’s make February fabulous with a calm and clear mind!

You are invited to participate in a 30-minute evening practice of meditation and dharma journaling to close your day in peace. After a long day at work, school, home or wherever you are, you deserve some time for yourself to simply relax and decompress. This quiet time will offer you a peaceful way to wind down from your day and recenter your body and mind in preparation for a sound sleep.

We invite you to commit for the month of February and see what arises! Even if you’re unable to attend on a daily basis, we encourage you to come when you can to experience the benefits of this practice.

Support us: We are self-supporting through your donations, which allow our temple to continue its programs and outreach. Any level of contribution is appreciated. Donate

Daily Evening Practice includes
silent meditation (15 minutes) and dharma journaling (15 minutes).

*If you prefer not to journal, you can continue your meditation practice till the end.

*If you plan to journal, we encourage you to prepare by keeping a pen and notebook right next to you.

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