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The Projection of Karma

By Andrew Goodman (Won Bup Woo), June/14/2020 Karma is one of the central concepts of Buddhism. It is the focus of four of the practices of the Eight Fold path: right intention, right speech, right action, and right livelihood. Essentially, karma is the law of cause and effect which means that our actions have consequencesContinue reading “The Projection of Karma”

Working with Our Fears

By Andrew Goodman (Won Bup Woo) One of my favorite lines in the Heart Sutra is in the fifth verse which says, “the mind is no hindrance, without any hindrance no fears exist, free from delusion, one dwells in nirvana”. This is such a clear, concise guide of the path to awakening. The form ofContinue reading “Working with Our Fears”

The Challenge of Simplicity

By Kimball Jones (Won Joong Shim) – March 8, 2020. We tend to equate simplicity with “easy” and complexity with “difficult,”  And in some ways that is true. It’s easier to play a simple game of checkers than a more complex game of chess, right? More complex tasks tend to be more difficult to achieve. But IContinue reading “The Challenge of Simplicity”


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