Become a Member


All are welcome to the Won Buddhism of Manhattan Temple in the spirit of open community.

As you become comfortable with Won Buddhist teaching and practice through regular attendance at Sunday services or at group meditation during the week, we encourage you to become a member. Becoming a member of the WBM is an acknowledgment of one’s connection to the Buddhist practice on the path of awakening. It is a way to make a commitment to practice and support our sangha, our spiritual community, through regular donation and volunteer service.

Your membership is crucial to building our community dedicated to awakening, compassion, and wisdom.

Full Membership with Dharma Name

Suggested Donation: $100 per month

Full Membership is for those who make a commitment to Won Buddhist practice and its actualization in daily life. It requires at least a year of regular weekly practice. It is commemorated by receiving of a Dharma Name that signifies the beginning of a new journey of spiritual practice to awaken to the Dharma.

Dharma Name Application is HERE

Full Membership Benefits
  • 20% discounts at Won Dharma Retreat Center
  • 20% discounts on temple events
  • Guidance from the Reverends
  • Opportunity to share your practice through delivering a member’s talk
  • Priority registration for Dharma Study Groups
  • Access to the temple program council

If you are interested in Membership, but cannot afford the Membership Donations suggested, we would not want that to prevent you from becoming a member and we would like to discuss this with you and work out something that you could afford. Contact us.

Visitors & Friends

All are welcome to participate in our programs to explore and familiarize oneself with our practice and community. For visitors, we suggest a minimum donation of $10 per visit. But no one will be turned away for lack of money.

What Our Members Say

Won Buddhism is teaching me to take care of myself, in doing so I can pay it forward and take care of others.

Steven Hines, Won Do Guen

I am beyond grateful for the compassionate community – my dharma family- who proved so much support and joy.

Charlene Manuel, Won Bup Shim

Sunday service brings me joy and a sense of enlightenment. Enlightenment in learning, giving back & inner peacefulness.

Ludy Napoleon, Won Ja Eun