won3-300Spiritual Thanksgiving Service 
Sunday 11am, Dec/02/2018

In this spiritual thanksgiving celebration, we will offer thanksgiving and prayer for our ancestors and spiritual teachers who passed away but who played a significant role in enriching our lives. Vegetarian lunch will be served after the service. READ MORE


Individual Meditation
By appointment

For those who cannot join our public gatherings, our Reverends offer hour-long individualized instruction at the temple to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate and the Buddha’s teachings. It includes sitting, chanting meditation practice with Q & A. READ MORE

won5“Those who have made a great vow to the great Way should not hope to accomplish it quickly. With quick steps one cannot walk a long distance; with an impatient mind one cannot achieve the great Way. That tall tree is the result of a small shoot growing for many years; buddhas and bodhisattvas are the result of accumulating merits over a long period of time.” – Sotaesan