NoteTemple will be closed from July 16 to 27 due to Won Buddhist ministers retreat.

2018-3-3002018 Summer Young People’s Retreat
August 10 – 12, 2018 (Fri – Sun)
@Won Dharma Center (Hudson, NY)

This weekend retreat is designed for young people (18 – 35) to begin and deepen their meditation practice in a group of like-minded people. Meditation instruction will be provided in a detailed way, step by step. READ MORE

Meditate300Individual Meditation
By appointment

For those who cannot join our public gatherings, our Reverends offer hour-long individualized instruction at the temple to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate and the Buddha’s teachings. It includes sitting, chanting meditation practice with Q & A. READ MORE

won5“Those who have made a great vow to the great Way should not hope to accomplish it quickly. With quick steps one cannot walk a long distance; with an impatient mind one cannot achieve the great Way. That tall tree is the result of a small shoot growing for many years; buddhas and bodhisattvas are the result of accumulating merits over a long period of time.” – Sotaesan