won3-300Spiritual Thanksgiving Service
Sunday 11am, Dec/01/2019

In this spiritual thanksgiving celebration, we will offer thanksgiving and prayer for our ancestors and spiritual teachers who passed away but who played a significant role in enriching our lives. We pay respect for those who brought us to the earth, nurtured us, helped us to become who we are and challenged us to grow in spirit. At the service, you will make a list of those whom you want to remember and you can make a donation in honor of their lives. READ MORE

Individual Meditation
By Appointment

For those who cannot join our public gatherings, our Reverends offer hour-long individualized instruction at the temple to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate and the Buddha’s teachings. It can help you to overcome obstacles that have been hindering your meditation practice. READ MORE

The Founding Master addressed the congregation, “The reason people want to know the Way is to be able to apply it when needed. If you don’t know how to apply it in necessary situations, you might as well not know it at all. What benefit would there be?” He then held up the fan he was holding and said, “I may have this fan, but if I don’t know to use it when it’s hot, what value will there be in having a fan?”

– Sotaesan