Laura Battey

Laura Samuels (Won Do), WBM Temple Council Member

Laura, WonDo, began attending the Manhattan Temple since its opening in 1994.  She actively supports various special events at the Temple and leads moving meditation and chi kung practice during retreats.  She integrates Won Buddhist practice into her daily life with mindful emphasis upon Master Soetasan’s core teaching that materialism should be balanced with spiritual cultivation.  Laura has coordinated special programs for Won Buddhism’s UN office and she holds a master’s degree in social policy.

After 16 years of consistent practice, Laura was appointed to the position of WBM Lay Teacher by Ven. Ohun Lee in 2010 and she was honored to receive the Won Buddhism Dharma Practice award in 2012.  Laura also practices Taijiquan for mind/body balance and martial arts application.  In 2013 she was accepted as a disciple of Master Chen Zhongua, the international standard bearer of Chen Taijiquan.  She trains in Chen Style Practical Method at Seishinkan Dojo, near her home in Queens, NY.  

Laura is an artist who strives to bring a deep sense of presence in her expressionist paintings.  Her meditation practice allows room for an imaginative flow of ideas.  She experiences the creative process as a manifestation of form from emptiness and emptiness from form in everyday life.     

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