Meer Musa

Meer Musa (Won Sang Won), WBM Temple Council Member

Meer Musa ( Won Sang Won) is a diligent and dedicated meditation practitioner and a member of Won Buddhism sangha. He began attending Won Buddhist community in 2011 and has been practicing meditation daily. He became a full member by receiving his Dharma name Won Sang Won in 2013. His meditation practice consists of chanting, sitting, walking, journaling, mindfulness in daily life, observing Buddhist precepts, learning and reading about various ways to improve his meditative mind states as well as learning with other dedicated meditation practitioners. He enjoys writing, drawing, painting and designing. In addition to these activities, Meer also enjoys reading, biking, cooking, listening to music, practicing yoga and going for walks in parks and wherever there is greenery. 

Meer lives and works in New York City, and attends services and contributes to the Won Buddhist NYC organization. He is a member of the Manhattan Temple Council.

In 2018, he completed the Dedicated Practitioners course, a year-long in-depth knowledge of Buddhist teaching and concepts with Dharma Treasure Sanga, based in Phoenix, AZ. Meer has attended various meditation retreats over the years to deepen his practice.     

You can find more about his meditation teachings on “Insighttimer” meditation app by searching for Meer Musa. Also, you can view Meer’s art on

Meer graduated from Parsons School of Design, part of The New School University, with a Bachelor in Communication Design. He is currently enrolled in a study program to become a Life Coach with intention to help a global community. 

Meer offers his sincere gratitude to everyone for their practice and support towards the path of awakening. 

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