Spiritual Memorial Service

Spiritual Memorial Service

Date: Sunday, June/04/2023
Time: 11am (ET)
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If you’d like to join us in-person, email us at nyc@wonbuddhism.org to ensure your participation.

Spiritual Memorial Service: Sunday, June 4th

We celebrate a spiritual memorial to honor the life of our spiritual and physical ancestors. During the service, you will have a chance to honor your spiritual teachers, family members, and friends who passed away. We pay respect for those who brought us to the earth, nurtured us, helped us to become who we are, and challenged us to grow in spirit.

This celebration is based on the realization of co-dependent arising, which means that everything is interconnected and interdependent with everything else.

Being into nonbeing and nonbeing into being,
Turning and turning-in the ultimate,
Being and nonbeing are both void,
Yet this void is complete.


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